Devil Wears Prada

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Andrea "Andy" Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is an aspiring journalist fresh out of North-western University. Despite ridiculing the shallowness of the fashion industry, she lands the job "a million girls would kill for": junior personal assistant to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), the icy editor-in-chief of Runway fashion magazine. A0

ndy puts up with Miranda's bizarre and humiliating treatment in hopes of getting a job as a reporter or writer somewhere else.

At first, Andy fumbles with her job and fits in poorly with her gossipy, fashion-conscious coworkers, especially Miranda's senior assistant Emily Charlton (Emily Blunt). However, with the help of art director Nigel (Stanley Tucci), who loans her designer clothes, she gradually learns her responsibilities and begins to dress more stylishly. She also meets attractive young writer Christian Thompson (Simon Baker), who offers to help her with her career. As she spends increasing amounts of time at Miranda's beck and call, problems arise in her relationships with her college friends and her boyfriend Nate (Adrian Grenier), a chef working his way up the career ladder.

Miranda is impressed by Andy and allows her to be the one to bring the treasured "Book", a mock up of the current edition, to her home, along with her dry cleaning. She is given instructions by Emily about where to leave the items and instructs her to speak to no one in the home. Andy arrives at Miranda's home only to discover that the instructions she received are vague and she is unsure what to do. She is assisted by Miranda's twins and they falsely tell her she can leave the book at the top of the stairs as Emily has done this on many occasions. At the top of the stairs, Andy interrupts Miranda and her husband having an argument and is mortified. She leaves the book and runs out of the home. The next day, Miranda tells her that she wants the new unpublished Harry Potter book for her girls and if Andy cannot comply, she will be fired. She is able to find the book through Christian's contacts and surprises Miranda by not only finding the book, but by already having copies sent to the girls at the train station.

One day, Andy saves Miranda from being embarrassed by Emily at a charity benefit, and Miranda rewards her by offering to take her to the fall fashion shows in Paris instead of Emily. Andy hesitates to take this privilege away from Emily, but she is forced to accept the offer after being told by Miranda that she will lose her job if she declines. Later, Emily is hit by a car and Andy faces the task of having to break the Paris news to her.

When Andrea tells Nate she will be going to Paris, he is angered by her refusal to admit she's become what she once ridiculed, and they break up. Once there, Nigel tells Andy that he has accepted a job as creative director with rising fashion star James Holt (Daniel Sunjata), at Miranda's recommendation. Miranda, without makeup, opens up to Andy about the effect Miranda's impending divorce will have on her daughters. Andy finally succumbs to Christian's charms, and after spending the night with him, Andy learns from him about a plan to replace Miranda with Jacqueline Follet as editor of Runway. Despite the suffering she has endured at her boss's behest, she attempts to warn Miranda.

At a luncheon later that day, however, Miranda announces that it is Jacqueline instead of Nigel who will leave Runway for Holt. Nigel remarks to Andy that though disappointed he has to believe that his loyalty to Miranda will one day pay off. Later, when the two are being driven to a show, she explains to a still-stunned Andy that she was grateful for the warning but already knew of the plot to replace her and sacrificed Nigel to keep her own job. Pleased by this display of loyalty, she tells Andy she sees some of herself in her. Andy, repulsed, said she could never do to anyone what Miranda did to Nigel, primarily as Nigel mentored Andy. Miranda replies that she already did, stepping over Emily when she agreed to go to Paris. When they stop, Andy gets out and throws her cell phone into the fountain of the Place de la Concorde, leaving Miranda, Runway, and fashion behind.

Later, back in New York, she meets Nate for breakfast. He has accepted an offer to work as a sous-chef in a popular Boston restaurant. Andy is disappointed, but her hope is rejuvenated when he says they could work something out. At the film's conclusion, she is interviewing for a newspaper job. The interviewer reveals that Miranda told him she was by far her biggest disappointment, but that he would be an idiot not to hire her. In the last scene, Andy, dressed casually but with a bit more style, sees Miranda getting into her car across the street. They exchange looks and Miranda gives a soft smile once inside the car.

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Devil Wears Prada Fan Fiction

A Mean Sleep Devil Wears Prada1 Pgs By Gin
Miranda comes across Andrea at a party three years after Paris and demands an explanation for her abrupt departure.

And then afterward Devil Wears Prada16 Pgs By Gin
Andy tosses the phone in the fountain, but Miranda comes after her with a vengeance.

Deeper Into the Fire Pt 2 Devil Wears Prada 52 Pgs By Gin
When I wrote “Into the Fire”, I never intended on posting it. It was just a rough little thing that I did to get a flash of a scene out of my head and a way to hopefully break the writer's block of not writing anything at all on the stories I was currently working on. I thought writing something was better than nothing at all. Of course, when I sent it to Quiet hearted she encouraged me to post it. And so with the help of several beta's and a little bit of 'fine QH here I'm posting it are you happy?'

Disarming Athena Devil Wears Prada 89 Pgs By Gin
A lengthy story that takes place primarily in an elevator. Andrea/Miranda

In Exaltation Devil Wears Prada 18 Pgs By Gin
 Miranda and Andrea spend Sunday at the office. A shift in power occurs.

In the deep Devil Wears Prada 32 Pgs By Gin
Miranda is looking for a frolic near the shore, but Andrea pulls her into deeper waters.

Into the Fire Pt 1 Devil Wears Prada 5 Pgs By Gin
 This is NOT a part of my Like... series. This was written as an exercise to try and break my writer's block, I do not know if there will be any continuation to it at all. It is fairly stand alone though.

Like Andrea Pt 1 Devil Wears Prada 77 Pgs By Gin
Miranda has a problem and Andy helps her figure out the solution.

Like Family Pt 2 Devil Wears Prada 125 Pgs By Gin
Sequel to 'Like Andrea'.

Like Love Pt 4 Devil Wears Prada 769 Pgs By Gin
Conclusion to Like 4 Part Arch.

Like Life Pt 3 Devil Wears Prada 246 Pgs By Gin
Sequel to 'Like Family'.

On being found Devil Wears Prada 4 Pgs By Gin
Making up with Miranda never felt like absolution. Andrea/Miranda

Narcotic Night, The Devil Wears Prada 26 Pgs By Gin
Andy visits Miranda at a crime scene.

Old Vices New Tricks Devil Wears Prada 5 Pgs By Gin
A snippet in the daily life of Miranda and Andy.

River Ouse, The Devil Wears Prada 4 Pgs By Gin
From the New York Times, 1941: LONDON, April 19 - Dr. E. F. Hoare, Coroner at New Haven, Sussex, gave a verdict of suicide today in the drowning of Virginia Woolf, novelist. Her body was recovered last night from the River Ouse near her week-end house at Lewes.

Serendipity Devil Wears Prada 12 Pgs By Gin
I have changed/tweaked things since then though so Jazzy or anyone else should not be held responsible for any mistakes found. Those are all my own.

Unspoken Fantasy Devil Wears Prada   61 Pgs By Gin
The twins have a fantasy for their mother.

We Are Mirrors Devil Wears Prada 8 Pgs By Gin
Based on the prompt: If you could see yourself in my eyes. Emily/Serena.





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