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W E A Woman's Touch XFiles 23 Pgs
This story is going to be a romance, sort of. It does contain lesbian sexual content, which may or may not be rated NC-17 (yet to be decided at this point in the writing), so this will bother or upset you, STOP READING NOW!!! If you are willing to look at this as an experiment, as I am, and are willing to read it, I would appreciate it very much. I would really like feedback on this story - all feedback, positive and negative (but please make it constructive - I am very sensitive).

W E 34 Hours Ĺ XFiles 24 Pgs
It's Mulder's worst nightmare when Scully is kidnapped -- and it's the greatest terror Scully has ever faced. Can Mulder get to her before time runs out?

W E After All These Years  XFiles 57 Pgs
Mulder and Scully have been fighting a physical attraction to each other for well, we all know, ages. And in this story, in the alternate universe of my mind, they have given in to it. Some of what happens in the rest of this story has been covered in other stories, to be sure, and I don't mean to step on anyone's toes here in that regard. I am trying to deal with it in a different manner, and take it in a different direction.

  W E A Love So Strong XFiles 23 Pgs
There are spoilers from Wet wired and Pusher, and I think I might have thrown in a few references to events over the span from first through the third season, but I don't think it's anything that most viewers don't already know.

W E Anger  XFiles 23 Pgs
Scully deals with the trauma of her missing time.

W E Anyone for Pie  XFiles 9 Pgs
She's "Mother of the Year" -- but there are a few skeletons in Maggie Scully's closet. And they're all about to come tumbling out....

W E Beyond Fragile  XFiles 69 Pgs
Scully is assaulted by a stranger and Mulder struggles to help her deal with the aftermath.

W E Darkness and Light Pt 1  XFiles 7 Pgs
Alone, Scully takes on a new approach to treat her cancer. Post-Gethsemane.

W E Darkness and Light Pt 3  XFiles 9 Pgs
You should read the first two in this series to understand what's going on here. Scully's still dealing with her mortality and is trying to figure out what role Mulder is playing in her life.


W E Blur  XFiles 14 Pgs
Mulder and Scully reflect on what could have been and are faced with what could be.

W E Both Sides Now  XFiles 7 Pgs
A look into the heads of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

W E Darkness and Light Pt 2  XFiles 10 Pgs
You should read the story that precedes this one to get the drift. It's appropriately titled Darkness and Light. This is more of Scully continuing to get treatment for her cancer. So where the heck is Mulder, you're asking? Read on.

W E Darkness and Light Pt 4  XFiles 7 Pgs
Mulder and Scully meet up again once the struggle is over.

W E Auto-Focus  XFiles 7 Pgs
Scully uses a new tool to take a look at her life -- both with and without Mulder. Oh, and a character dies, but I don't think it's someone that readers will be very upset about.



W E Darkness and Light Where  XFiles 11 Pgs
This is being written in response to the thousands of e-mail messages I received from people wanting to know where I was going with my two vignettes, "Darkness and Light" and "Darkness and Light II". OK, so it wasn't thousands. Maybe it was a few hundred. OK, it was four.

W E Dreams  XFiles 8 Pgs
And then she heard it. Soft creaking of the floorboards. She rolled over onto her back. Could it be from the people upstairs? She kept her eyes closed for a moment, trying to use her acute sense of hearing. The creaking stopped.

W E In This Silence  XFiles 7Pgs
In the aftermath, Scully canít hear anything at all.

W E Loving You  XFiles 35 Pgs
This story contains tons of angst....both Mulder and Scully angst. Tons and tons of angst. And tons of plot devices.

W E Millennium Kiss  XFiles 12 Pgs
It's New Year's Eve, 1999. Mulder and Scully do what most people do on that auspicious occasion - they share a kiss - and since it marks the beginning of a new millennium, it's going to be pretty amazing.

W E No More Words  XFiles 17 Pgs
Mulder goes to the rescue when Scully is shot.

W E Pizza and a Beer XFiles 11 Pgs
Mulder and Scully decide to find out if thereís any chemistry between them. No X-File here. Are there ever X-Files in my stories? :) God, the relationshipper in me is getting worse and worse. All I can think about are Mulder and Scully in bed. Or in other compromising positions. Iíd better stop here before I give away what little plot there is to this story.


  W E Desire  XFiles 7 Pgs
No case file. All relationship stuff. Mulder and Scully finally deal with their feelings for each other. Rated mildly NC-17 for sex. I haven't posted anything in a really long time, so I don't know the new rating system, but I do know one thing: this is definitely MSR!!!

W E Eyes  XFiles 11 Pgs
Mulder and Scully come together after drifting apart since Scully's diagnosis.

W E Illumination  XFiles 5 Pgs
Scully receives a visitor in the night.

W E Indiana  XFiles 7 Pgs

Scully ponders what has happened while she and Mulder were in Bloomington, Indiana.

W E Magnet Cove  XFiles 16 Pgs
Does Mulder know everything about Scully, or is there something that she's keeping from him?

W E Mulder and Scully Have Sex  XFiles 15 Pgs Mulder and Scully have sex. (What were you expecting, a plot or something?

W E One Last Push  XFiles 10 Pgs
After a close call, Mulder doesn't want to examine what
happened -- and once Scully sees his behavior, neither does she -- but their refusal to talk to each other leads to an explosive situation.

W E Recovery  XFiles 9 Pgs
Scully suffers some serious angst over her diagnosis. A little
conversation between her and Mulder in the office leads to much more.

W E Ring Pt 1 XFiles 9 Pgs
A wedding ring symbolizes a never-ending love -- but some expressions of love can't be seen. Scully finds out something very interesting about Mulder's past, and can't confront him until she finds out more for herself.

  W E Don't Speak  XFiles 12 Pgs Mulder and Scully are already an established couple (they were established in my earlier story, Mended Hearts). Mulder makes a big mistake...and although he's suffering from some angst, Scully's really the one who's in a lot of emotional pain. Can our favorite duo find their way back to each other?

W E Ghosts  XFiles 10 Pgs
Mulder reflects on the consequences of his decision to leave Scully. This is the first time I've tried writing a story from Mulder's POV -- as many of you might know, I'm much more comfortable writing Scully. I figured that I needed a challenge, though, and this
was the result. Please be gentle...

W E Mended Hearts  XFiles 15 Pgs Scully must come to terms with how she feels about Mulder - and how he feels about her - after "Paper Hearts". *Very* minor spoilers. 

W E One Night at the Stay-N-Save  XFiles 185 Pgs Scully keeps having strange dreams about what she thinks are Mulder's hands doing very interesting things to her. She discovers that the reality is better than the dream while they're at a roadside motel.

W E Ring Joined Pt 2 10 Pgs
Now that Scully and Mulder have talked about the secret from his past, there's only one thing these two *don't* know about each other. But they're going to find out...

W E Secret  XFiles 11 Pgs
Scully has a secret and Mulder finds out what it is.



W E Small  XFiles 11 Pgs
A look inside Mulder's head after a traumatic incident.

W E Surfacing  XFiles 7 Pgs
Not summarized at author's request.

W E The Miracle  XFiles 17 Pgs
Mulder and Scully take their relationship to a new level.

W E This Night  XFiles 13 Pgs
The aftermath of the end is only the beginning.

W E Tightrope  XFiles 34 Pgs
A horrifying event threatens to divide Mulder and Scully in unimaginable ways.

W E Un Ange la Nuit  XFiles 44 Pgs
A strange series of murders sends Mulder and Scully around the
country with very little to go on. The events of the case draw Scully
into a deep depression and amidst it all, an old familiar face returns
to shock her.

W E Unconventional  XFiles 10 Pgs
After a fight, Mulder and Scully come to a realization about their relationship and about Scully's health. Post-Elegy.

W E Voices  XFiles 11 Pgs
It could be construed as a Mulder/Scully romance, but there's nothing really overt.

  W E Small Impossibilities  XFiles 11 Pgs Scully remembers.

W E The Link  XFiles 25 Pgs
This story is a nice little Mulder/Scully romance
story... no sinister conspiracies here.

W E The Star  XFiles 6 Pgs
What did Mulder and Scully give each other for Christmas, anyhow?

W E Truth  XFiles 25 Pgs
After a fight, Mulder and Scully come to a realization about their relationship and about Scully's health. Post-Elegy. Spoilers: Memento Mori, Never Again, Small Potatoes and Elegy Rating: PG-13 (mild sexual situations and language)

W E Truthseekers  XFiles 24 Pgs
Mulder, I'm so sorry about your father, Scully thinks, rehearsing. She wants to somehow tell him that she understand how he feels when he gets back. She knows that what she said to him before he left was not enough. For her, the ain of losing her father is still painfully fresh in her mind. And although Captain Scully wasn't murdered, it was still a sudden death, with no chance for her to say goodbye.

W E White Wave  XFiles 42 Pgs
Not summarized at authorís request. I donít want to give anything away. I will say this: itís dark. Very dark. Brace yourself.

  W E Strange Truths  XFiles 7 Pgs I could spend all summer writing explanations for how Chris Carter is going to get himself out of *this*one, but I would rather not. Special Note: I'm kind of vague in this story about what has happened to Mulder - I've done that on purpose so I have something to write about for the rest of the summer. This story instead has Scully dealing with the spread of her cancer. I seem to be a bit obsessed with the cancer angle at the moment - forgive me. It's a personal thing; I've been sick with it myself lately. I watch Gillian Anderson portray Scully, who lately has been the absolute strongest woman on television, and I am in awe. In the meantime, I'm trying to get back to the smut I am known for. Anyhow - there's a bit of sexual activity and also some introspection here. A few words of advice: if you're looking for a story to cheer you up, go look somewhere else.

W E Unspeakable Acts  XFiles 49 Pgs This story contains a violent rape and is rated NC-17 for violence and language. If this disturbs you, please stop reading now.

W E Youíre The Inspiration  XFiles 5 Pgs Scully loves Mulder and Mulder loves Scully...or does he?



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