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W E Dead Slow Pt 1 Bad Girls 65 Pgs
It's been a while since I've had a show that inspires fan fiction from me. The Helen & Nikki love story that was played out over the first three seasons of this British show is one. Not sure how many stories will show up here, but for the time being, it has its own section.

W E Slow & Steady Pt 2  Bad Girls 63 Pgs

W E Steady On Pt 3 Bad Girls 68 Pgs

W E Onward Bound Pt 4 Bad Girls 62 Pgs

W E Bound & Determined Pt 5 Bad Girls 66 Pgs

W E Determined to Fail Pt 6 Bad Girls 73 Pgs

W E Picking up the Pieces Bad Girls 62 Pgs

W E Just Between Families ST Voyager 228 Pgs

W E Memories Warehouse 13   67 Pgs
Someone has to clean up the messes left behind by Warehouse agents and the Regents. This time it's more than just altering paperwork and talking to witnesses. This time, FBI agent Mackenzie Wallace has to save Warehouse 13 and prevent the deaths of too many good people. Same type character as used in Relic Hunter, but different reality.

W E Relic Hunter Sanctuary & Warehouse 13 Crsvr 149 Pgs
Regents and Relics, Artifacts and Abnormals, what could possibly go wrong when these two universes collide in an adventure that stretches from California to South Dakota to the Amazon jungle. H.G. Wells and new partner Mackenzie Wallace have their hands full when Helen Magnus appears on the search for a rare Abnormal.

W E Just Between Above & Below ST Voyager 108 Pgs

Just Between Series - ST Voyager

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

W E Just Between Us 56 Pgs

W E Just Between 62 Pgs

W E Just Between Lines 64 Pgs

W E Just Between Give 68 Pgs

W E Just Between Arrivals 74 Pgs

W E Just Between Them 76 Pgs

W E Just Between 67 Pgs

W E  Just Between Lessons 76 Pgs

W E Just Between 73 Pgs

W E Just Between Stations 77 Pgs

W E Just Between You & Me 75 Pgs

W E Just Between 63 Pgs

W E Just Between Decks 70 Pgs

W E Just Between Fears 72 Pgs

W E Just Between Past 81 Pgs

W E Just Between Friends 80 Pgs

W E Just Between 58 Pgs

W E Just Between Battles 68 Pgs

W E Just Between Fire 78 Pgs

W E Just Between Ranks 82 Pgs

W E Just Between Enemies 92 Pgs

W E Just Between Dusk 59 Pgs

W E Just Between Fortune 71 Pgs

W E Just Between 84 Pgs

W E Just Between Planets 81 Pgs

W E Just Between a Rock  78 Pgs

W E Just Between 68 Pgs

W E Just Between Lost 73 Pgs

W E Just Between Rest  75 Pgs

W E Just Between 79 Pgs

W E Just Between Realities 87 Pgs

W E  Just Between 80 Pgs

W E Just Between Missions 70 Pgs

W E Just Between Senses 72 Pgs

W E Just Between Love 73 Pgs

W E  Just Between Stars 73 Pgs

W E Just Between Dawn 59 Pgs

W E Just Between Earth 75 Pgs

W E Just Between Alpha 73 Pgs

W E Just Between Life 74 Pgs

W E Just Between Memories 75 Pgs

W E Just Between 76 Pgs

W E Just Between Truth 83 Pgs

W E Just Between 70 Pgs

W E Just Between Loyalties 79 Pgs

W E Just Between Right 80 Pgs

W E Just Between Dark 69 Pgs

W E Just Between Tears  73 Pgs

W E Just Between 73 Pgs

W E Just Between the Earth 80 Pgs

Star Trek: Millennium

Season One Season Two
W E  Past Provocations Pt I  71 Pgs W E  Beta Beginnings Pt 11  68  Pgs
W E  Past Provocations Pt 2  69 Pgs W E  Beta Beginnings Pt 12  68  Pgs
W E  Delicate Diplomacy Pt 3  70 Pgs W E  Superficial Suppositions Pt 13  69 Pg
W E  Defining Duty Pt 4  70 Pgs W E  Relative Relations Pt 14  68 Pgs
W E  Mission Maneuvers Pt 5  69 Pgs W E  Persistent Priorities Pt 15  66 Pgs
W E  Altering Aspirations Pt 6   70 Pgs W E  Lingering Lamentations Pt 16  62 Pgs
W E  Difficult Decisions Pt 7  63 Pgs W E  Parasitic Perplexity Pt 17  65 Pgs
W E  Collective Comprehension Pt 8  64 Pgs W E  Beta Battles Pt 18  67 Pgs
W E  Tenuous Ties Pt 9  72 Pgs W E  Chaotic Cruise Pt 19  67 Pgs
W E  Prospective Paths Pt 10  75 Pgs W E  Final Frontiers Pt 20  71 Pgs

Janeway & Seven

W E  The Morning After ST Voyager 13 Pgs
So it's the morning after and you don't remember much about the night before, not how you left the party, not how you got home and especially not how a tall, cool blonde with Borg implants ended up in your bed. What's a captain to do?
W E  Fear & Hope ST Voyager 40 Pgs
A story inspired by the episode of (almost) the same name. Sometimes it takes all of a Borg's hope to overcome a captain's fear, but what happens when the Borg doesn't even know what the concept of hope is? Can she overcome the obstacles facing her and achieve success?
W E  Cause & Effect ST Voyager 30 Pgs
A story of mistaken identity and glorious possibilities that might not otherwise be considered if they aren't seen with one's own eyes. My first story to utilize alternate realities, which are always so much fun to play with. It probably goes back to my early interest in super-heroes, and all those stories with alternate worlds in DC Comics. The annual JLA/JSA tales which taught me how to keep similar characters straight. *G*
W E  Someone To Watch Over Her 61 Pgs ST Voyager
A story inspired by the episode of (almost) the same name. Seven may have been taught how to date by the Doctor, but it is the captain that teaches her why she should want to in the first place.
W E  Unfair Haven ST Voyager 18 Pgs
A story inspired by the episode of (almost) the same name. Janeway thinks her problems are a result of falling in love with a holo-character. But what if they spring from a deeper source? Short and not too sweet.
W E  Timeless Passages ST Voyager 22 Pgs
A story inspired by the final episode of Voyager. Not sure why I had to write it , other than an attempt simply to 'fix' what once went wrong. (Hmm, all these Quantum Leap references ... I wonder if it's just because Scott Backula is the new Trek captain ... or simply because Voyager did far too many time travel episodes.)
W E  Adrift ST Voyager 30 Pgs
My version of what happens after Endgame, now that I've had the time and distance to process that final season of Voyager. Where Timeless Passages was an attempt to alter what happened, this is what hopefully did happen. *G*
W E  Night Shift ST Voyager 5 Pgs
One last kick at the Fair Haven can. What if Janeway wasn't the only one who had became enamoured with a certain Irish bartender? How would she react, or am I just trying to be evil in this one?

The Counselor Series

Commander Sydney Stone is Gina's own creation, placed into the ST: Voyager universe.

They're called MarySue stories. Every writer has them.

W E  Revelations Pt 1  67 Pgs
Sydney barely survives the destruction of her ship and discovers she is now in the Delta Quadrant. Can she adjust to a new life on Voyager? And to Voyager's captain?
W E  Repercussions Pt 2  83 Pgs
Sydney finds out that getting involved with the ship's captain carries its own set of baggage...  can they get by it to reach a new understanding?
W E  Reliance Pt 3  65 Pgs
Sydney discovers that escalating a relationship can sometimes turn out to be more than she bargained for ... particularly when it's the captain she's involved with.

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