Nowhere Near Love
Creed Cascade

Angelus indulged in a full-bodied stretch as soon as he was back in his room with the door closed behind him. An evil grin stretched across his face as he thought of the clueless humans in the lobby of his hotel. After all, the problems Angel's friends had caused him, he'd finally wised up. When the demon's blood had splashed on him and he'd switched places with the soul, he hadn't missed a beat. None of them had a clue their beloved Angel was gone so he had time to plan his next moves in safety.

He listened as they all returned home before moving down to the office. It took him a few minutes to find a loose-leaf book that would work and another hour to forge the page he needed. Once he was done he sat back and went over his lines while the ink dried. This time he was not going to be stopped.

When it was dry, he carefully inserted it in the book and refastened the pages together. One more check then he picked up the phone and dialed. "Wesley," he almost yelled into the phone, then waited for him to wake up on the other end. "Wes, I felt strange after that demon's blood hit me so I came to look through your books. I think… well I want you to come tell me if I'm right about it."

"I'll be there in ten minutes," Wesley finally told him after Angelus refused to tell him what it was he'd found.

"Thanks." Angel resisted the urge to crush the phone. As much as he hated acting like the soul he'd been cursed with, it was all going to be worth it. He imagined what he'd be doing when he got to Sunnydale and smiled.

"Angel, what is it?" a half-asleep Wesley asked when he stumbled in ten minutes later.

"Wes, I think that… well, read it yourself. I don't want to influence you but I think I'm right," Angelus said. He handed the book over and waited.

Wesley read the passage several times before looking up. "Your soul is fixed. It's not going anywhere." He looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Angel, I don't know why I never realized that this would do it, but if you felt it then this must be right. I can't believe it was something so simple as that demon's blood being spilled from a wound caused by a human that would anchor your soul."

"I… I need to go to Sunnydale. There's someone there waiting for me and if it's safe I can't stay away. You can handle things here for a few weeks if needed and let everyone else know what happened?" Angelus asked.

Wesley was more than happy to take on the responsibility and respect that would come with taking over from Angel. “Of course I understand you’ll want to visit with… someone. I’ll try my best to handle things for you. Take as long as is necessary.”

Angelus hurried Wesley out which just seemed to amuse him. When he was sure the man was well on his way home, he grabbed the already packed back from the other room. He had to wear Angel's clothes until the next part of his plan was done, but he was taking something decent, and leather, to wear after that. With one last glance around the hotel, he walked out to his car. A quick stop on the outskirts of town to kill some dinner and he'd be on his way.

* * *

Angelus hated Sunnydale because it reeked of the Slayer, but there were high points. One such interesting tidbit was the entire reason he had come here. He was outside of the magic store and new that his prey was in there with the other fast food. Now he just had to put on Angel’s broody, suffering mask and wait for his prey to come to him.

He could sense Spike inside and grinned. As the elder vampire he could keep Spike from sensing him and Spike's signature would mask the Slayer's ability to tell he was near. He crept closer and listened until Xander begged off for the rest of the night. Sounded like his boy was tired. Staying well behind, he trailed the boy back to his new apartment and waited outside for few minutes. If he timed it right, he could get the boy to come to the door half asleep. The ex-demon bitch wasn't supposed to be along for another hour so he had time.

Unlike the Slayer and Witch, Xander was working full time and still holding down his duties as a “Scooby”. Add onto that the stress of dating and fulfilling an ex-demoness, it wasn’t a surprise that boy was exhausted. Angelus monitored Xander’s heart rate until he had just entered REM sleep and then rung the doorbell.

"God, Anya," Xander mumbled from the other side of the door seconds later. "I can't believe you forgot your key again." He fumbled with the lock for a minute before he got the door open, then froze. He blinked in confusion a few times when he saw Angel on the other side of his door. "Angel? What's going on?"

“Something’s happened,” Angelus said curtly in the style of alter ego. “I need to talk you. May I come in?”

"No death threats, no leather, no evil smirk," Xander muttered as he looked Angel over. "Come in, Angel. What do you need? Does Buffy know you're here?"

“No,” Angelus shook his head and made sure to keep his shoulders hunched over. He had to remember to appear non-threatening around the boy for now. He could smell a hint of arousal emanating from his as always. “This doesn’t concern the Slayer.”

"Okay," Xander said slowly. He was starting to wake up and this was not making any sense. Angel was being nice to him and almost seemed to be nervous. “You wanna sit down and tell me what's going on? I'm still half asleep and feeling more lost then normal."

“You always did give off the little boy air,” Angelus noted as he followed Xander into small apartment. “I thought it was charming.”

"Charming?" Xander pinched himself and yelped. "Okay, I am awake. What's going on? You've never been close to nice to me, Angel, let alone called me charming," he said, his voice getting higher as Angelus sat down right next to him.

“You’re cute when you’re nervous,” Angelus said with a soft smile. “It smells good on you.”

"Angel, I don't know what you think is going on here, but I have a girlfriend," Xander said. He tried to scoot to the other side of the couch, but Angelus just followed him, pressing against him. "Maybe, a long time ago, if you hadn't been Buffy's, but not now. I can't do that to Anya or Buffy." He started to blush when his half-asleep brain caught up to what he'd said, but he didn't back down.

Angelus reached out and ran his hand through Xander’s bedhead. “See… charming. Do you always have to belong to someone, boy?”

Xander tried to get up, but after a minute of struggling he slumped back into the couch. "You're not Angel are you?" he said sadly. "This is all part of some plot to get back at Buffy. Just kill me and get it over with so you're gone before Anya gets back. There's no reason to kill her too. That might actually make Buffy happy." While he was talking, one hand was searching the parts of the couch that he could reach, trying to find a stake.

“Not everything in the world revolves around Buffy,” Angelus said without acknowledging that Xander had figured out who he was. “Although, I would have thought you have figured that out, more than anyone.”

"Yeah, well, whatever her flaws, she's still my friend and I'm not going to help you kill her or any of my other friends," Xander said. He gave up the search for a stake and tried to think of how else he could get rid of Angelus. Only thing he could think of was to keep him talking as long as possible. Anya could see him and run, and one of them mgiht make it to Buffy.

“I’m not here to kill anyone,” Angelus said. “And I wouldn't bother hunting for a stake, boy. Did you ever know that Angel and I are attracted to different types of people?”

"I don't think so," Xander gasped when what he'd said sunk in. "I don't like Angelus. He kills and tortures people for fun." He started fighting to get away even though it wasn't doing any good. He just couldn't stop himself from trying to get away.

“A lot of the people I torture deserve it,” Angelus said conversationally. “My favourite victims are people who hurt children. I always make them suffer the most. But Angel always liked bitches, Darla and Buffy for example. I personally enjoy wounded young men like Spike used to be… and like you.”

Xander was barely listening anymore as he struggled to get free. He knew even Spike was scared of Angelus, and if Spike was scared what would happen to him. Without realizing it he started to scream for help.

Angelus easily grabbed the back of Xander’s neck and hauled him close. “It only makes you prettier when you scream,” he hissed and with is free hand, he took a small vial from his coat pocket. He knew the potion wouldn’t affect him, and this was one of the most interesting ways to give it to his prey. He popped the cork and put the liquid into his mouth, then put his mouth over Xander’s, forcing Xander’s mouth open with his tongue.

Xander had seen the vial and knew it had to be something bad for him, but there was no way he could keep Angelus from dribbling it into his mouth though the kiss. He felt a strange burning sensation spreading from his stomach. He faintly realized Angelus had pulled back and was chanting something, but the heat coursing through him had most his attention. When it finally faded he opened his eyes, caught in Angelus' gaze. "Angelus," he whispered happily, leaning up for a kiss.

A sexual imprinting spell had always been one of Angelus’s favourites. He pulled Xander into his lap and started to kiss him back. When he pulled away he was delighted to see that Xander actually whimpered and tried to follow his lips. “You want to keep me happy, boy?”

"Please, Angelus," Xander whimpered as he tried to reclaim Angelus' mouth. When that did work he started rubbing against him. "Please, let me. Want you."

“Are you a virgin?” Angelus hissed possessively, transforming into game face. Angel might have been uncomfortable by what he really was, but Angelus relished it. “Has any other man ever touched you like this?”

"No, just you." Xander was still whimpering as Angelus held him back. "Please, I want you, Angelus." It was almost a relief on some level he knew he wasn't in control, but it still felt so right.

“I’ll let you suck my cock,” Angelus said and sat back on the couch, his arm falling casually along the back. “Make it good.”

Xander awkwardly got out from under Angelus and onto his knees. He was drawing on his knowledge of having this done to him, but he was still nervous about doing it right. The fact that Angelus was sitting there with a bored look on his face was not helping things. He carefully undid Angelus' slacks and pulled his cock out.

Xander licked his lips and then moved his head down, licking the head of Angelus’s cock with the tip of his tongue. He was used to taking the submissive role with Anya and following her orders. “Tell me what to do, please Angelus?” Xander begged after a moment.

Angelus stared at the boy for a second. He had succumbed to the potion far too quickly and for a moment he wondered if the boy was actually faking it. That was quickly dismissed when he realized there was no way the boy could have fooled all of his vampire senses. The only explanation was that there had been more attraction then he'd let on. The spell would take hold fast and linger longer then normal, maybe a full week. At least it would make fooling the female easier.

"Lick my cock all over, boy. Taste me. Then I want you to blow me." Angelus sneered. "And no teeth unless I ask for it. If you please me I might possibly take you with me."

Xander’s potion influenced mind grasped at the last fact that Angelus might take him away. “You’ll take me away? You’ll keep me?” Xander looked up and Angelus, not wasting another moment, started licking the head of Angelus’s cock.

"Maybe," Angelus said before hissing. The boy may not have known what he was doing, but the lovely scent of fear at the thought of being left combined with the lust was perfect. He grinned and fisted one hand in the boy's hair. Since this had all happened so fast he had plenty of time to teach him how to deep throat before Anya showed up. Also, as scared as he was of being left behind, Angelus was sure he could force him into unconsciousness on his cock after the bitch left without the boy resisting.

Xander started to suck more desperately and ended up trying to take too much cock into his mouth. He chocked and tried to go back down again, only ending up coughing yet again in his eagerness.

"If you don't like doing this you can stop," Angelus said softly after a few more choking bouts, letting his hand just rest on Xander's head. "I'm sure I can go find someone who doesn't want to throw up just from tasting me." He had to struggle not to smile when Xander looked up with tears starting to run down his face.

“What do I do?” Xander begged desperately. “Tell me, please, Angelus. Tell me how to please you!”

"Give me a decent blowjob," Angelus growled. "Did I tell you to stop and start whining?" He checked the clock on the wall. Thirty more minutes to train him before the bitch showed up. He gave the boy's head a small shove and grinned at the smothered gagging. With this much motivation the boy would be well on his way in thirty minutes.

Xander’s jaw ached after Angelus had cum twice in the past thirty minutes. Tears were now running permanently running down his cheeks and he didn’t dare stop. He didn’t want to piss Angelus off anymore and risk being left behind. He didn’t know why, but now the only thing that mattered was keeping Angelus happy.

Watching the time, Angelus pulled Xander up onto his lap and wiped his eyes. "You're doing good, Xander," he whispered once the traces of tears were gone. A single kiss was enough to put a smile back on his boy’s face. "Now make me cum one more time and we can leave together." Xander had to look happy when the girl came in, and, after building him up like this, it was going to be fun to watch his face as he struggled for air and finally passed out after she left.

Xander gulped and rubbed his jaw, but smiled again as he scramble onto the floor. “I’ll do whatever it takes to make you cum,” Xander said quickly and all but attacked Angelus’s cock.

This time Angelus used his hands to keep his boy from choking himself and started moaning encouragement. He hoped he wouldn't have to keep this up too long before the girl showed up. Finally, he heard a key in the door and started moaning louder. He didn't want his boy hearing the door or reacting in the slightest if he could help it.

Anya came into the apartment ready to wake up Xander and demand sex. She always liked sex when she had a hard day at the Magic Box, and, after spending all day inventorying the dung section, she deserved good sweaty human sex. She opened the door and saw her boyfriend down his knees sucking off Angel. She promptly dropped her keys and tried to remember her nastiest vengeance spell before remembering she was still human.

"What are you doing back?" Angelus growled. "If you don't want me to rip your head off, you'd better run back to the Slayer." He pulled Xander gently off his cock. "You don't want her bothering us and ruining my blowjob do you, Xan?"

“More!” Xander demanded, trying to move his head back down onto Angelus’s cock. All he wanted to do was make Angelus cum so that he wouldn’t be left behind.

"You, you…." Anya broke off with a sob. "You used me until me until you got Angel back didn't you. I hate you, Alexander Harris." She took in Xander totally ignoring her and Angel smirking and whirled around, slamming the door. She wasn't yet ready to face a Master Vampire if he got too pissed off.

“More, please? N-Now?” Xander begged in a broken voice. He was reduced to barely being able to speak. He hadn’t heard Anya come in or her threats. Angelus and his cock really were the center of his now narrow universe.

"You want more?" Angelus asked silkily after the door had slammed.

At Xander's nod he grabbed his head with both hands and started fucking his mouth. He watched his boy's face go from relief and contentment to fear as Angelus barely let him get any air. As he got closer he gave the boy less and less of a chance to breath. He waited until the boy’s survival instinct finally started to kick in just before he was about to pass out, then trust one last time. He came buried in his throat and held him in place on his still hard cock, relishing the look of total fear on the boy's face right before he passed out.

* * *

"Buffy!" Anya screeched as she ran back into the Magic Box. Buffy, Willow, Tara and Giles all looked up at her. "Your ex boyfriend stole my boyfriend. Xander is giving Angel orgasms right now in our apartment."

“Have you been into the special mushrooms again, Anya?” Willow asked, continuing her inventory without looking up.

"No, I opened the door to the apartment and Xander was giving Angel a blowjob on the couch. He only looked at me once then went back to Angel. He didn't even stop when Angel threatened me if I didn't leave them alone," Anya said.

“Anya…” Giles spoke very carefully like he was talking to child. “Is this some sort of bad prank? Did Xander put you up to this?”

"It's not a prank. My boyfriend left me," Anya wailed. "And it's all Buffy's fault for dumping Angel and making him lonely enough to go after my boyfriend."

“Ha ha, demon girl,” Buffy snorted. “There's no way this could be true, Angel isn’t gay.”

"You don't know how many times I heard that as a vengeance demon. If the guy is getting a blowjob from one of your former friends he's not exactly straight," she said with a snort. "Plus, he's a vampire, I bet he's fucked plenty of guys, right, Spike? He probably fucked you when you were a fledge."

Spike had just fed on bag of pig’s blood and was therefore able to blush. He looked down at the floor and tried to hide it. “Shut up, bitch.” He also tried to hide his growing erection that was spurred on by simply thinking of Angelus fucking him.

"Vampires are usually at least bisexual," Giles said in a resigned voice. "It is entirely possible that Angel could find himself attracted to Xander. It's their choice, but I'm worried about the happiness clause. I'm going to call Wesley and see if he knows what's going on."

“Maybe it’s some sort of evil felacio spell by a sex demon,” Willow mused. “But we always thought Xander was a little gay.”

They all kept talking until Giles got off the phone. He paused for a minute, not sure how Buffy was going to take the news. "It seems Angel was splashed with the blood of a specific demon under rare circumstances last night. It permanently bound his soul to his body. He left as soon as Wesley confirmed it. Told him that he had to go to Sunnydale to be with 'someone' and wouldn't be back for a few weeks." Giles grimaced at the look on Buffy and Willow's faces. "He said Angel seemed excited and happy. They plan to carry on without him while he takes a break with this 'someone'."

“Angel had his soul back and he didn’t come to me!” Buffy literally shrieked. She was so pissed off that she snapped her favourite stake in half. “This is some sort of mistake!”

"Buffy, we have to consider that maybe after the two of you stopped seeing each other, Angel and Xander started a relationship that couldn't go anywhere while there was the curse," Giles said.

“Are you suggesting that Xander was Angel’s true love?” Buffy glared at Giles. “That is just fucking insane, Giles! Angel has always been mine!”

"He must have been lying to you just like Xander was lying to me," Anya said. "Men always use women like that, and it was definitely Xander he's been waiting for."

"Well, I wish Angel had to put up with Xander for a long time," Buffy hissed. "He'd be tired of him after the first day, but after a few years of Xander he'd realize just what a mistake he made. And, if they are really in love, I hope Angel's soul wouldn't let him turn Xander so he has to watch him die someday."

"Done," Anya bellowed as she transformed back into a demon. "They will have to be near each other to survive, and, even you used hope instead of wish, Angel can't turn Xander or kill him." There was another flash of light and Anya was gone.

“W-What did you just do Buffy?” Willow screamed, clutching at Tara. “What have you doomed Xander to?”

* * *

Xander woke up with a jar of the train that nearly threw him onto the floor of the car. It was only Angelus' arm around his waist that stopped his fall.

"Awake now, boy?" Angelus said with a distinctly bored tone to his voice.

"Angelus, you brought me with you," Xander said happily as he tried to curl up closer to him. "I thought you were going to leave me, but you didn't."

“I might keep you for a while,” Angel said nonchalantly. “As long as you amuse me.”

"We'll have lots of fun together," Xander said confidently. "I don't know a lot about stuff like what we did in my apartment, but I'll learn quick. I'm not going to lose you now that I've got you."

“There’s going to be certain conditions if I decide to keep you, pet,” Angelus said, grasping Xander’s chin firmly.

"What kinda conditions?" Xander asked. He still felt the same pull to Angelus, but there was part of him that knew something was wrong even if he didn't want to be left behind.

“When other people are around us, you won’t speak. You’ll stay by my side and under no circumstances let anyone touch you. You’re my property now.”

Xander pulled back a little. "I want to be with you, but I'm not property," he said carefully. Having come to his decision he snuggled back up against Angelus. "The other conditions are cool, but the no talking may be hard to remember sometimes."

“You are property… my property,” Angelus said simply. “You’re the pet of a Master Vampire and you’ll learn to act like one. You can chat all you like unless I tell you to shut up. Not running your mouth off in public shouldn’t be too hard since you won’t be public that often.”

"I'll be quiet, and I'll think about the property thing" Xander said, suddenly looking around the train car they were in. "Where are we going? We wouldn't take the train back to LA would we?" He could sense Angelus getting upset and hoped he could distract him. He didn't want Angelus mad at him, but he couldn't bring himself to say he was property.

“It doesn’t matter where we’re going,” Angelus answered. The boy didn’t need to know where they were going. If he was kept in the dark, he was less likely to escape. “I’ve purchased a new place there, just for us. It’s not a Hellmouth, but it has potential.”

"Gotta go to the bathroom," Xander said, not wanting to talk about all this any more. He wiggled out of Angelus' arms and stood up. "I'll be back in a minute."

Angelus let the boy go to the bathroom by himself. He was far too dignified to do that and it was only down the hall. "Fine, but if you try to escape, I'll punish you."

"I'm not going try to leave," Xander said, surprised Angelus could think he'd try to run off now. He slipped out of the car and walked down to the bathroom at the end of the hall. When he was done and washing his hands, he looked in the mirror and quickly looked away. Something was wrong, but he didn't want to think about that. Still distracted, he talked briefly to the guy who was waiting outside the bathroom before heading back to the room.

Angelus was waiting for him in the hall and in full game face. Luckily, no one was there to see it. Angelus wasn’t sure why he was on edge, but he had heard his boy talking to another man. “I told you not to talk to anyone else!” he growled angrily, dragging Xander into their private room.

"I wasn't going to be rude," Xander protested, backing up against the far wall of the room with his hands held out in front of him.

“He wanted you, I could smell it!” Angelus accused.

"Calm down, it's not a big deal, I barely said more then hello," Xander said. "And I doubt he wanted me. It's not like I have people who want me lining up."

Angelus had never taken rational arguments well. All he knew was that Xander was his and he didn’t share what was his. “Come here,” he hissed.

"Why?" Xander asked, not moving from his spot against the wall. "You're starting to scare me Angelus. I didn't do anything wrong."

“I told you not to speak to anyone,” Angelus hissed. “You blatantly broke my rules and now you talking back to me. You need to be disciplined.”

"I'm not talking back," Xander protested. "I'll be more careful to avoid people next time, okay?"

Angelus wouldn’t repeat his command for a human. Instead he stalked over to Xander and pressed him against the wall by grabbing him by the neck. “Maybe you’ll remember your place better once you’re marked.”

Hearing him mention marking generated conflicting emotions in Xander and he froze. Finally, he pushed the fear aside. "You like me some if you're going to mark me right?" he asked as he let himself go limp in Angelus' arms.

“I don’t like you, I own you,” Angelus growled and sunk his fangs into Xander’s neck.

It hurt at first, a lot. Then, as he felt more and more blood being pulled from him, it started a low burn of arousal throughout him. Xander started moaning and rubbing up against Angelus. "Yours," he was whispering over and over.

Angelus was very tempted to turn the boy now with all of that sweet begging, but that would mean he would be denied the pleasure of tormenting and controlling him. Besides, if he turned Xander now, the boy would become stronger. He pulled his fangs out and licked the wound closed, but not enough to heal completely. Everyone would see the clearly prominent bite marks.

"Wow." Xander swayed against the wall. "That was…." He leaned up and tried to kiss Angelus.

Angelus backhanded Xander as he pushed away from the boy. “Fucking slut!”

"I'm not a slut," Xander mumbled. He had fallen to the floor and was curled up on himself. Every time he thought things were going to be okay something was happening. He wasn't even sure why Angelus was so mad, but he knew he needed to fix it somehow. He just wasn't sure he'd be able to survive if Angelus got really mad at him before he calmed back down.

“Don’t contradict me, you stupid slut!” Angelus fumed again and swiftly kicked Xander. He’d been too soft on the boy.

"Just stop, please. I'll do whatever you want. You know that," Xander managed to say as soon as he'd gotten his breathe back. He started crawling, carefully back toward Angelus.

“Tell me what you are,” Angelus demanded. He had to break the boy’s spirit quickly and nothing worked better than a good beating. If he went to far, then he could always give him some of his blood and then beat him again after he was healed.

"What I am?" Xander started babbling at the menace in Angelus' voice. "I'm a human. A fragile human who's a carpenter, and, umm…."

“You’re my property,” Angelus said coldly. “You a hole for me to fuck and fast food for me drain if I so choose.”

"I'm not going to let you kill me," Xander said still moving toward him. "I'll let you do a lot of stuff but you can't kill me. I know you don't want to do that or you wouldn't have brought me with you, right?"

A malicious smile crossed Angelus’s face. It was amazing what self-preservation would make a man do. “If I killed you, my fun would be over. Tell me what I want to hear.”

"No, I'm more then just that," Xander said. His voice was cracking and unsure though. "I don't want to be just a thing to you, Angelus. I'll do almost anything else for you. Just tell me something else I can do to make you happy."

“Say it,” Angelus demanded. “Say that you’re my property.”

"I'm… I'm… I'm yours," Xander whispered. He was Angelus' but not just property.

“Get out,” Angelus snapped and turned his back on Xander. “I don’t want to see your sorry ass again.”

"No, you can't make me leave like this. I'll say it, but I'm more then just that," Xander sobbed. "I'm your property." His eyes were closed while he said it and the tears were falling freely now.

“Are you really more than my property, pet?” Angelus asked, turned around. He’d have to reinforce this lesson with the boy and one of the best ways was to take away his identity and birth name. “Did anyone ever treat you better than property?”

"Y-y-yes," Xander was barely comprehensible now. "Willow and Jesse never treated me like that. I'll be good I promise and you won't have to be mean to me."

“You can’t be good enough,” Angelus challenged. “And are you really sure that your so called friends didn’t treat you like property? Do they put you first over their own needs?”

"I don't want to talk about them," Xander said. He was a little calmer now that Angelus was not telling him to get out. He got up and sat down on the couch. "I said I was your property so we can just forget about all this, right?"

“No,” Angel growled. “Get your ass on the floor. I see I’m going to have to discipline you even more. You sit and sleep on the floor unless I tell you differently. You’ll only eat what and when I tell you to.”

"You have to tell me what you want. I can't guess at all these stupid rules and it's driving me crazy. Can't you just hold me for a little bit and stop yelling at me?" Xander asked as he slid to the floor.

Angelus backed handed Xander again, knocking the younger man onto his ass. Xander’s nose started to bleed and Angelus leaned over, lick the blood and tear off of Xander’s face. “Learn to behave, pet.”

"If I'm good will you stop hitting me and yelling at me?" Xander said. "I am trying to behave, but you're not making it easy."

“You remind of Spike when you sound like that,” Angel said, running his hand through Xander’s hair. “William was sweet and confused like you once.”

"I'm not like Spike," Xander protested as he leaned into Angelus' touch. "I'm not mean like he is, and I can be a lot better then he was. He doesn't even like you."

Angelus smiled when his comment had evoked the correct response of jealousy from Xander. “If you’re good I won’t yell or hit you too much. I might not even replace you.”

"I'll be really good," Xander said. "I don't want to lose you now that you finally came for me instead of Buffy." He reached for Angelus' belt. Since he was already on the floor next to a standing Angelus, he decided he could do the one thing he knew Angelus liked.

He was just starting to pull down the zipper when there was a loud knock on the door. “Open up in there!” a male voice yelled through the door.

"Hmmm, did someone just volunteer to be dinner?" Angelus asked with a smirk. "Get on the couch and start undressing. Don't speak until I tell you or you'll be dessert." He watched while Xander started to slowly take off his clothes on the couch out of sight of the door, then went over to open it. "What do you want."

“What in the hell is going on here?” It was the same man from the bathroom. “Some of us are trying to sleep and I can hear someone crying in here. You hitting your woman, asshole?”

"You want to come in and see for yourself. There's no woman getting beat in here, and the boy doesn't mind," Angelus said with a smirk, holding the door open. The look on the guy’s face was priceless when he stepped in and saw Xander pulling off his socks. He was naked otherwise and the tear tracks and blood on his face were still visible.

The man gasped and then a look of pure outrage crossed his face. “Grab your clothes, boy! I’m getting you out of here and away from this abusive prick.”

Angelus checked the hallway with his hearing to make sure no one was there before closing the door and grabbing the man from behind. It was too bad he had to cover his mouth but screams might be too much on a public train. "He's not going anywhere," Angelus said seductively. "As a matter of fact he's going to watch as I start to drain you. Then he's going to crawl over to me and blow me while I finish killing you."

“Angelus, please, don’t kill him!” Xander begged. “You can bite me again…”

"One more word and I'll make his death more painful then you can imagine," Angelus hissed. "No matter what you do now, your getting disciplined. It's all a matter of how much pain you want to cause this thing. You understand me, boy?"

Xander nodded his head, not even daring to open his mouth. His eyes were vacant now and he dropped down to his knees, hoping the submissive pose would somewhat pacify Angelus. Angelus was right, the best he could do was worry about his own behaviour now. Obviously if he ever misbehaved, someone else would be punished, tortured and die.

"Much better, boy. You keep this up and I might not have to hurt you too bad," Angelus purred. The man's interruption might just be what had needed to break the boy for at least a little while. "Now I want your eyes on me. Watch so you can see he's enjoying his death thanks to you. When I motion you over, you know what to do." He bit down into the man's neck, letting more blood then normal drip down.

Tears flowed openly down Xander’s face and something died in his eyes. He merely nodded and watched the life drain from the man. When the man started to sway from lack of blood, Anglus motioned him forward. Xander's hands were shaking so bad he could barely get Angelus' belt and pants undone. The longer it took, the more nervous he got and the more he was shaking. He was sure he was going to get in trouble for this too. Finally, Angelus' cock was free and Xander carefully licked it all over to get it wet before taking it in. It was almost a relief to be sucking him again. Xander knew what to do and didn't have to think about anything else.

Everything seemed right in the world when was going down on Angelus. He only focused on the pleasure of the Master Vampire and didn’t even notice when Angelus dropped the body next to him.

Angelus threaded his fingers in Xander's hair and started directing him. "You did good, boy. It's too bad you had to fuck up at the beginning." He started cutting off the boys air again, watching the contentment fade back to panic. "No, not going to let you pass out," he said with an evil chuckle. "That's only for when you've been good."

* * *

“Wakey, wakey, pet,” Angelus said and kicked Xander in the ribs. When he’d finally made it to their new home, he’d dumped the unconscious boy on the floor. He was impressed Xander had lasted as long as he did after they got off the train, but now he was bored and wanted to play again.

"No more, please," Xander mumbled without really coming alert. He wasn't even conscious enough to realize what was going on. He just wanted to sleep and stop hurting.

“Not now, pet,” Angelus said, crouching down next to the boy and running his hands over his bruised face. “Maybe later. Right now your Master has a special treat for you.”

Xander started to wake up enough to realize what was going on and tried to scramble to his knees. He vaguely remembered something about that during the beating he'd received after they got off the train.

“Good boy,” Angelus actually praised Xander. “You actually remembered one of your lessons.”

Xander simply nodded without raising his eyes. If he was finally out of trouble he was not going to say anything to mess that up. He couldn't stop his stomach from growling though, or the slight hiss of pain as he shifted fully onto his knees and pain flared in his side.

“You want a special treat, pet?” Angelus asked, slowly circling Xander. “You have my permission to speak now.”

"If you want, Angelus," Xander said softly. He resisted the urge to beg for food as his stomach started rumbling again.

Angelus ripped open his wrist with a small wound and then held it up to Xander’s lips. “Feed.”

Xander latched on immediately and started sucking. He'd had a second to think then he saw Angelus ripping his wrist open and knew the blood would heal him and maybe make him a little less hungry. It felt disgusting and wrong to be drinking blood, a vampire's blood, but he could feel it working right away.

When Angelus felt the boy had had enough, he pulled his wrist away. He was satisfied to see that Xander had a disgusted look on his face, but his head still followed his wrist minutely. Blood dripped down Xander’s chin and he looked absolutely delicious.

"Thank you, Angelus," Xander said. The blood had only increased his hunger as it repaired his injuries and he was so light headed he was having trouble staying upright. One hand came up unconsciously to swipe up the blood that had dripping down his chin. He quickly licked it off his hand then checked one more time to make sure he'd gotten it all.

“You’re hungry for human food,” Angelus noted. “I had the house stocked with things. Look in the cupboard and there should be something satisfactory.”

Xander knew Angelus had slipped away while he was eating, but hadn't really worried about it until he was full and he'd cleaned up his mess. For the first time since this had all started, the thought that he could try to escape flashed through his head only to be quickly dismissed. He went over to the pile of his clothes next to the bed and curled up, hoping to get some sleep while he was full and pain free.

Angelus calling for him pulled Xander from his sleep and his eyes snapped open immediately. “Boy, wake up.” Angelus had been out hunting and his complexion was flushed and his cock was full.

Xander scrambled to his knees, more confident this time. His mind was also much clearer then a few hours earlier. "Welcome back, Angelus," he said.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” Angelus said simply. He had told Xander during training that he didn’t like the boy to call him Master. He wanted to hear his name coming from his boy’s lips. “Get on the bed on all fours.”

Xander scrambled up on the bed and positioned himself. He was more then a little nervous about how much this could hurt. He knew Angelus wasn't the type to take it easy on him, and he was afraid he'd mess something up if he were in too much pain.

Angelus tore off his expensive clothes with very little regard for them. Soon enough he’d be buying clothes more suited to his own tastes. He positioned himself behind Xander and without warning, shoved into him viciously.

Xander screamed and kept screaming. The pain as Angelus shoved inside him was overwhelming and only lessened some as blood started to flow and ease the thrusts. He locked his arms and braced himself, hoping it would be over soon.

Angelus had fucked his victim before he drained her, so when he took Xander, he was able to draw it out longer than he usually would have been able to. He pounded in to the younger man ruthlessly until with one final thrust, he sunk his fangs into Xander’s shoulder blade and came.

After Angelus flopped down next to him, Xander started pulling himself off the bed. It had been far worse then he'd imagined and he hoped that it would get better with time. When Angelus didn't stop him from moving he rolled off the bed onto the floor. Crying out again, he tried to find a comfortable position to curl up in.

“Get up here and keep me warm, boy,” Angelus growled out. He’d give the boy some of his blood just to shut him up, so he could sleep with the encroaching dawn.

Angelus got off the bed and picked Xander up in his arms. There was no point in injuring his toy beyond repair. He plopped him down onto the bed. “That was the right thing to do,” Angelus told him. “You have to learn now that I’m the only one you can trust. I’m the only one who’ll take care of you.”

* * *

Angelus gave Xander a feral but pleased grin before stepping out into the open area. It had taken him almost a week, but, after slaughtering numerous minions and childer, he was now facing the town's Master in one-on-one combat for the title. He could tell almost instantly that the other vampire would present no challenge, and let his thoughts drift to how well his boy had acted in front of an audience earlier. His training should be almost done, but Angelus thought there was still some resistance buried in the boy.

“After I kill you, I’m going to fuck your pretty pet,” the Master Vampire challenged. “Then I’m going to slice his belly open and strangle him with his own bowels.”

"Unlike you, I protect my possessions," Angelus said calmly. He knew the reference to the vampires recently dead childer would enrage him. He used the distraction to land a few good blows and start the blood flowing. "Plus he might surprise you. He is one of the Slayer's best friends after all."

That admission caused the Master Vampire to falter a little. He came from an obscure line of backwoods vampires that didn’t mingle with outsiders. He’d ruled this town without challenge for over seventy years, but even he had heard of the Slayer.

"No, watching you bleed out would take too much time." With that he jabbed his hand into the vampires chest and pulled out the heart. "You all have until tomorrow night to swear allegiance to me or leave this town forever," he bellowed out as he stalked towards Xander. "I'll be back here at midnight tomorrow to see who stayed."

Xander wasn’t wearing anything as simple as a collar to mark him as Angelus’s property. He carried Angelus’s marks all over his body, most noticeably the numerous bite marks covering his neck, shoulders and wrists. “You should have killed them all,” Xander whispered when Angelus was close enough to hear him.

"Getting bloodthirsty are we, boy? I like that." He sniffed the air and was even more pleased to smell a hint of arousal. The boy was still too nervous about being naked on and on display for the first time though. "Bend over and brace yourself against the wall."

Xander did as he was told, but kept talking. “They could be dangerous to you,” Xander said. “I could kill the fledges for you.” He was absolutely terrified of anything happening to Angelus.

"You don't worry about that," Angelus growled, but he was pleased the boy wanted to protect him. For the first time he used his own blood to slick himself before pressing in. Xander had finally stopped screaming when he got fucked and now it was time he learned he could actually enjoy it, not just tolerate it.

Xander groaned in surprise when he felt Angelus’s cock actually glide somewhat smoothly into his passageway. He was confused, but happy that he was being rewarded. He’d never had sex with Angelus without pain, but this mere discomfort was new.

After fucking his boy repeatedly, Angelus had learned just how to angle himself to make him enjoy getting fucked. This was just the first time he'd bothered doing it. The extra spasms around his cock and needy moans were almost enough to make him consider doing it on a regular basis. "See what can happen when you're a good boy," he whispered while nibbling on Xander's ear and drawing blood.

“Can I cum, Angelus? Please,” Xander started to beg. “Please, I’m you’re property. I belong to you…”

"After me, not before," Angelus said. "You wait until after I'm satisfied." He sped up while talking. There wasn't any reason to drag this out after he'd made his point, and he wanted to get back to the mansion he'd taken over. He felt more secure in his own place.

Angelus bit down on his favourite spot on Xander’s body and opened the old wound again. He loved fucking and biting his boy, drawing the sweet taste into his mouth. Xander’s blood also cared the mark of his own blood and Angelus was nearly addicted.

Xander started screaming after Angelus came, but this time it was from pleasure as he came on Angelus' cock for the first time. "So good. Didn't know it could feel good," he whispered as he slumped against the wall.

“You have my permission to cum on my cock or when I discipline you,” Angelus reminded Xander and pulled out. “But remember, never pleasure yourself and if you do, I’ll punish you.”

"I haven't disobeyed and I'm not going to start," Xander said as he spun around and slipped to his knees to clean Angelus off.

“That’s a good pet,” Angelus purred. “Knew I made a good choice with you.”

Xander finished cleaning up then put on a shirt, shorts and shoes when Angelus indicated they were leaving. When they were walking outside he was allowed to wear clothes, but they were starting to feel strange when he did put them on. The walk back to the house was quiet, and, when they got inside, Xander knelt next to the bed, waiting to see where he'd sleep.

“You can sleep in the bed tonight,” Angelus said, already naked and crawling into the bed. He liked having a warm body next to him, even though he wouldn’t admit it. “I want you close enough to fuck when I wake up.”

"Thank you, Angelus," Xander said as he curled up next to him. It felt so good to have no pain whatsoever as he got ready to fall asleep.

* * *

Angelus had taken Xander out on the town and made the boy choose his next victim. It was an important practice to demonstrate the complete control over life he had. The boy had finally settled on a pimp he had seen smacking around a hooker. He’d even made Xander lure the man into a dark alley. Now with the body drained and laying in the filth of the alley, Angelus saw Xander smiling.

“Tell me why you’re smiling, boy,” Angelus demanded, licking the splattered blood off of his fingers.

"Umm, I'm don't know if you're going to like it, Angelus, but I just never realized the vampires could get rid of the bad guys instead of randomly killing," Xander said. "It kinda makes it not so bad."

“You could kill whoever you wish,” Angelus said. “I usually kill scum. No one misses them when they’re gone.”

"Me a vampire? I don't think I'd make a good vampire," Xander said, losing his smile. "I don't think I'm ready for that."

“Aren’t you, Xander?” Angelus asked, for the first time calling the boy by his name. “The potion wore off long ago and still you haven’t tried to escape.”

"What was I going to do? You made sure no one in Sunnydale would listen to me if I went back." It seemed like Angelus actually wanted the truth, at least Xander hoped he did. "I don't have anywhere better to go, and probably couldn't get away even if I did. I'm not ready to be evil by any stretch of the imagination though."

“You will be enough for my purposes,” Angelus said. “And I don’t want you too powerful. I want you to stay by my side, boy. You’ll be my favoured Childe.”

"No," Xander said firmly. "I've done everything else, but I won't do that."

Angelus was across the alley and had Xander pinned against the wall in an instant. He was holding the boy up by one hand and tightened his grip, lifting him several feet off of the ground. “Are you challenging me?”

"No, but I don't want to be your…." Xander started to choke out when Anya showed up in a flash of smoke.

“Oh, if it isn’t the lovebirds,” Anya spat with a vicious smile. “Are you happy with the life you chose over me?”

"Anyanka, I didn't expect to see you here," Angelus said as he sat Xander down and backed away. He was not stupid enough to challenge one of the older vengeance demons if she had her powers back. There were some fights you just couldn't win head on.

“I doubt you would,” Anyanka sniffed indignantly. “Were you planning on turning the slut?”

"He's mine and I thought it would be amusing," Angelus said. "Why would it matter to you? You have your powers back and your kind isn't known for taking mortal lovers." He saw Xander about to say something and twisted his arm enough to take his breath away.

“He betrayed me,” Anyanka hissed. “And you’ll never be able to turn him thanks to your darling Buffy.”

"What did she do?" Angelus growled, his game face starting to show. "The boy belongs to me and no one else until I'm done with him."

“She wished that you put up with Xander for a long time,” Anyanka explained. “I made it so that have to be near each other to survive and you can't turn Xander or kill him."

"I'm stuck with him?" Angelus asked then got an evil smirk. "I can't kill him though. Does that mean I can't kill him no matter how bad I beat him?"

“You can’t kill him until he dies of very, very old age, but you could put him into a comma,” Anyanka said. “But that’s your business. It’s not like he was every much better than a vegetable anyways.”

"I guess things could be more amusing this way. Almost as much fun as a childe to torture, but with all that warm blood," Angelus started dragging Xander away. "Don't worry he'll regret anything he ever did to you. He'll even regret the say he was born."

Anyanka must have thought Angelus’s explanation was satisfactory because he heard no answer. “Why do you hate me so much?” he sobbed.

"I don't care enough to hate. I just get very annoyed when my pets tell me no. Even worse I'm stuck with you. Seeing as I can't leave you behind and I can't turn you all that's left is to play with you," Angelus said without slowing their march back to the house.

“I won’t ever say no again,” Xander answered in a broken voice. The last bit of home left in had died. He knew from now on that his life would be filled with pain and misery. If he behaved, the pain might lesson, but there would still be pain. So it turned out he grew up to be a doormat and punching bag like his mother after all.

"Yes you will. That's what makes things fun." Angelus started laughing as he pulled Xander into the house.

* * *

“Do you share your pet?” a demon asked as he ran his eyes over Xander’s naked form that was kneeling at Angelus’s feet.

Xander didn't even hear Angelus' answer. He half expected to be passed around soon. After the last week of non-stop beating and rape, Angelus had to be getting bored. Before Anyanka had shown up things were almost okay. Some of the stuff had been bad, but he'd felt safe in a weird way. He'd tried to get away the day before, but as soon as he got a few blocks away he'd been unable to go any further. He'd been caught and beat so bad it had taken a lot of Angelus' blood to get him presentable. He wasn't going to do it any more though. His hand settled around the chunk of wood he'd hidden under the throne like chair he was next to. With the advantage of surprise he'd staked two of Angelus' best minions before anyone realized what was happening.

“Well your toy has a little spirit left in him!” the demon bellowed with mirth. He was here to negotiate term with Angelus since he was the local Master, but this was far more entertaining than negotiations.

"Fuck," Angelus cursed. He grabbed the crude stake out of Xander's hand and wrapped a hand around his throat until the boy slumped in his arms. After dropping him next to his chair he went back to the negotiations.

When the negotiations were over and Angelus had literally dragged Xander home he looked at the boy. He wasn't sure what had caused him to lash out like that. He knew the wish would protect him, but he'd have to keep the boy away from others until he figured out what had happened.

Xander still felt the need to act out. He couldn’t and dare not strike out at Angelus, instead he’d tried to take it out on himself. He barely ate and had stopped showering, only getting clean when Angelus or his minions would dump a bucket of cold water on him to wake him from unconscious.

* * *

"What the fuck is your problem?" Angelus roared a few days later while destroying the last of the furniture in the room. He'd beat Xander almost to unconsciousness three times already and he was still insisting he'd bite off anything that was put in his mouth. It was like he didn't care how badly he was hurt and none of the other tricks to control him were working either.

“Just beat me into a coma and get it over with,” Xander cried out. “Put us both out of our misery!”

"You were more entertaining before, and I'm stuck with you. No plans to put you in a coma so why don't you tell me why you're so difficult. It's not like you could be beat any worse, and I know you're not enjoying yourself any more," Angelus said. He was honestly confused. Even Spike had never been this focused against him.

“I’m not your property anymore!” Xander snapped. “Most people at least care whether or not they loose their property! They take care of it a little bit!” At this point he wanted Angelus to hit him again. He wanted the comfort familiarity of pain. “Go ahead, shut me up!”

Xander was unconscious again before Angelus had calmed back down. Finally, he stopped and looked at the boy. He was beating him by rote now it seemed because he had a feeling that he'd never be able to truly break the boy. Deciding he needed time to think, he went out to hunt after picking Xander up and laying him on the bed.

Xander woke up huddled in the corner of the bed. His blood had stained the sheets and they were sticking to his wounds. But it wasn’t the broken ribs or nose among his usual variety of injuries that cause him the most pain. It was a pain in his head that felt like someone was trying to rip out his brain through his nose. This was a greater pain than anything he’d even felt. His very soul ached and he couldn’t move or even cry out. Angelus had finally left him and he’d be forced to live out this searing pain until the day he died. Angelus might have beaten him night after night, but at least he had kept him. He had at least spared him this ultimate pain. Maybe when he could move again, he’d been able to find a way to put himself into a permanent coma…

When Angelus made it back to the house he was glad to see that the distance he'd gone while hunting at effected the boy as much as him. With a sigh he tore his wrist open and pressed it to his mouth. "Drink up. You need to change the sheets and shower before coming back to bed, and I don't want you moaning all night."

Xander turned his head away from the offered wrist. He didn’t want to be healed just so he could be beaten again. He wanted to feel his pain and carry the bruises. Maybe if he was more ugly and pitiful than he already was, Angelus would leave him alone for a while. He knew he wasn’t even a piece of property anymore, he was a thing that was worth less than even a piece of furniture.

"Drink the blood," Angelus rumbled. "I'm offering to heal you, leave you alone, and let you sleep in bed with me. All you have to do is clean up." The boy's irrational need to fight even when it was unnecessary was making him wonder if he'd made the right choice.

“Find a way to kill me,” Xander begged. “I know you could… I’d never bother you again…”

"Wouldn't kill you even if I could, other then to turn you. I planned on taking you for a while. Now I just have to adjust my plans some." Angelus impatiently licked the wound on his wrist before bending down and kissing Xander. Once the kiss was started he slit his tongue on a fang and forced the blood into Xander that way.

Xander bite the tongue that slithered into his mouth like he promised. He scowled at Angelus when the vampire pulled away.

"That's enough blood for now. Get cleaned up and clean up the bed. I should be back shortly, but if I'm not go to sleep, in the bed, when you're ready," Angelus said. He watched Xander intently, waiting for at least a nod.

Xander knew Angelus was narcissistic enough that he loved to be called by his own name. It was probably that he’d been trapped by Angel for so that he wanted to remind himself who he was. “Yes, Master,” Xander said and started to crawl off the bed.

Angelus shot him an annoyed look before he left. He didn't really have anything to do, but he was going to torture one of the minions to let off some steam before he went back in. He was going to have to put some effort into getting back a semi-willing pet, and losing his temper too often wouldn't help.

* * *

“I brought you a pizza,” Angelus said as he dropped the box onto the tabletop. What he wasn’t telling Xander was that he had killed a pizza delivery boy who cut him off in traffic to get it. He vaguely remember that the boy like such inane human foods.

"Sleeping. Eat it when I wake up," Xander said without lifting his head from the pillow. It was now the third night in the row he'd been allowed to sleep in the bed and he was starting to think Angelus might have changed. He still wasn't going to make things too easy on him until he was sure the change was going to stick.

“You don’t eat!” Angelus snapped. “I can see your fucking ribs. I don’t like to fuck some sort of skeleton.”

"I said I'll eat it tomorrow," Xander said calmly. "I'm tired and want to get back to sleep." He flipped up the edge of the blanket on the bed in an obvious invitation.

Angelus picked up the pizza and dumped it into the trash bin. “You can pick it out of the garbage if you still want it tomorrow,” he snapped. “You’re such an insolent little whore.”

Xander didn't answer, just rolled on his side and closed his eyes. Three nights and just because he wasn't hungry, Angelus was reverting to form. If it degraded to a beating just because he wasn't hungry, Xander planned to stop the few concessions he'd made to get along with Angelus for the last few days.

“You’re just going to have to drink more of my blood,” Angelus grumbled, making his way to the bed. “If you won’t drink it, I’ll force feed you again.”

"I told you I'd have eaten it tomorrow. I like pizza but I'm just not hungry and I want to sleep right now. We've both been up all night," Xander said.

“And I’m not going to let you go to sleep hungry,” Angelus snapped and then quickly added. “You move around too much and keep me up.”

"I. Am. Not. Hungry," Xander said slowly, sitting up. "I had one of the minions pick me up a huge breakfast from Denny's. If you force me to eat anymore you'll have to put up with me getting sick from eating too much."

“My blood won’t make you sick, it will make you feel better,” Angelus said in a cold tone. He wouldn’t admit it, but he missed it when Xander would feed from his wrist. He missed Xander’s needy little whimpers and sighs when he’d feed. It was almost like having a Childe again, but one who couldn’t turn on him like Spike had.

"Come to bed, Angelus. The sun is almost up and you've got to be tired too. We can talk about my feeding habits tomorrow." He was pleasantly surprised that Angelus hadn't resorted to beating yet, and he was ready to give him a bit more of a chance tonight if he continued to behave himself.

Angelus scowled at Xander, but he got into bed regardless. “You’re going to eat whatever I give you when we wake up. Whatever it is.”

"Stop growling. I've decided I might be hungry anyway," Xander said. He slid down and had his lips wrapped around Angelus' cock before he could respond to that. A little positive reinforcement for controlling his temper was in order, plus he'd actually missed this during the week plus he'd been threatening to bite off Angelus' cock.

“Freakin’ growl if I want to,” Angelus growled again, but started to run his hands over Xander’s head. He’d missed fucking his boy’s mouth.

Xander maintained his slow pace even when the hands in his hair tried to push. He knew just how long he had until the sunrise made Angelus too tired to hold a conversation and he was not going to let him cum until then if possible.

* * *

Angelus was waiting for Xander to come around. It was amusing to see his reaction when he saw Angelus hover over him in game face and only giving mere seconds before he pounced. The boy’s pallor was definitely too shallow that the bags under his eyes spoiled his looks. He prided himself on owning pretty pets and this wouldn’t do at all.

"Breakfast time already?" Xander asked with a sleepy grin. He'd woken up hard as always and rubbed himself up against Angelus. "Or is it time for something else?"

Angel moved in a flash and was straddling Xander’s chest. “A little bit of both. You’re going to feed and you’re going to cum while you do…”

Xander pulled Angelus' wrist to his mouth. "Like this?" he asked, wrapping his legs around Angelus and pulling him down so their cocks were aligned.

“That’ll do,” Angelus growled. It wouldn’t do to let the boy think he was doing too well. “Now feed, Xander.”

He bit into the offered arm and started drinking slowly, letting Angelus set the pace with his thrusts. He was quickly moaning through the blood and drinking faster despite himself.

Angelus was thinking of new ways he could torture the boy. Beating him clearly didn’t work, but he wondered how many times he could make Xander cum over the next eight or so hours.

"Just have to compromise a little," Xander said after Angelus had finally rolled off of him. "I know you're a vampire and I'm just a pet. I know you're not going to be nice to me all the time and you're likely to get violent. As long as you're giving me something more then just pain I'll acknowledge you're the master and obey." He snuggled a little closer and continued talking before Angelus could say anything. "I'll even help look for a way around the no turning thing."

"I'll think about it," Angelus grumbled loudly. "But, regardless, you'll always belong to me heart, mind, body and soul…"


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